Why You must Skip The Gym And Run Outside ?

running self confidence

Running has so many advantages, the points listed below are some of the most common ones that you will gain by running. This sport can be very demanding and if you’re a beginner and you try to progress too much too soon, you will surely injure yourself.
Take it slow and progress a little by little. There is no hurry, your fitness journey is not a sprint it is rather a marathon.

Weight loss:

Did you know that running is one of the fastest ways of losing weight? it’s even superior to swimming and biking, that superiority may be explained by the scientific process known as EPOC, which stands for “excess post oxygen consumption” simply put it is the after-burn effect of running by raising your metabolism hours after training, so basically you shed stubborn fat stores while doing nothing.

Running improves your health and prevents disease:

Running is an invaluable exercise for those who are in the first stages of chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure. You can reverse all those conditions by running, and you also can improve the levels of good cholesterol, immune system responsiveness, and better cardiovascular health.

Running is not expensive:

You just need to buy a comfortable pair of good sports shoes and whatever you feel like on top, that’s it. You’ll save money and still lose weight and become healthier.
Unlike weight lifting or cycling which both require you to buy equipment and pay for a pricy gym membership, running is virtually free. Compared to all the expensive and fancy cardio machines you will find in your local gym, running is scientifically proven to be far superior in its calorie and fat burning effect.

Running has a positive impact on your mental balance:

A modern stressful life can mentally damage even the strongest of us, and everyday pressures can harm your soul and spirit. Running is a wonderful method for countering depression and reducing stress, countless people worldwide retake control of there mental balance by making running a regular habit in their lives.

Running strengthens your legs and knees:

Contrary to common belief, running does not damage your knees. In fact, it has the opposite effect: it strengthens the knees by training the muscles attached to your knee joints.
Testimonies of people who suffered from chronic knee pain for years while being overweight then lost that excess fat through running, and because of that their joints stopped aching, prove that running is rather a cure for most knee conditions.

Running keeps you mentally sharp:

As we get older, we experience a drop in mental capacities. Running will improve our memory and thinking by keeping us sharp and fit.

Running will lift your confidence in your self:

running self confidence

Everyone who has done any kind of weight training will come to the conclusion that it takes a long stretch of time to finally notice positive results because building muscle requires a number of factors. On the other hand, within a period of a couple of weeks of regular running, your stamina will improve, and you will see pounds of weight dropping off your body, improving your overall well being, which will eventually motivate you to target higher goals in your fitness journey.


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