Why Can’t I Lose Weight – The Answers

Why Can’t I Lose Weight

I have been trying my best and until now my only question is why can’t I lose weight. My only wish is to have the body that my favorite fashion models posses. I have tried almost all the diet regimes there is in the market today and still I feel that I am not losing any pounds but only my money. Because of my utmost desire to be slim and sexy, I have researched and observed what might be the problem why can’t I lose weight. I have searched for answers from health books, the internet, interviewed people who had successful slimming stories and even consulted medical experts. My only condition in losing weight is to do it healthily and not to undergo any surgical procedure. With my studies and curious inquiries, I have came up with some answers to the question why can’t I lose weight.

1. Having a harsh target goal and high expectations. Since I started reducing weight, I have most of the time starved myself. I have been very strict and unkind to my body. I have restricted myself in eating the foods and treats that I really want. This can be the hindrance to why can’t I lose weight. This should not be the case. If you want to reduce weight successfully, be kind to your body. Do things in moderation and do not force yourself to lose weight instantly.

2. Skipping meals is also a reason why can’t I lose weight. Some may think that this can be the answer to losing weight but this is wrong. You still need to eat regularly. Eat at least three small meals a day with the other meals and snacks spread throughout the rest of the day.

3. Being stressed is something that affects the body’s ability to eliminate excess fat. It is very important for the body to stay relaxed and healthy for it to accept the changes that you want to achieve. Not having a clear mind and a strong and healthy body can also be the reason why can’t I lose weight.


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