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The Healthy And Unhealthy Fats Ultimate Guide.

It’s a known fact that hydrogenated fats and partially hydrogenated fats are nasty. We call them trans fats. Human cells don’t have a clue about how to metabolize them. They are poisonous to body functions. Always check the label of processed foods to make sure they are not one of the ingredients. Even better, avoid processed foods altogether.

Hydrogenated fats are from vegetable oils that denatured because of heating. Food manufacturers use them to prolong the shelf life of processed foods. Not only do these fatty oils cause an increase in bad cholesterol (LDL), but they drive out good cholesterol (HDL). They also wreak havoc on insulin, preventing it from bonding to glucose molecules so it can be utilized by the cells, leading to obesity and consequently diabetes.

Fats are not created equal. There are fats our bodies do need. We call these essential fatty acids or Omega 3-6-9. Our body needs them to function at maximum efficiency. General Rule of Thumb: Do not fry! Do not deep fry! Do not sautee! When you heat oil it degrades, changing its chemical composition.

There is one kind of oil that does not denature no matter the heating temperature, it’s virgin coconut oil. If I want to fry something or to cook with oil, it’s the only oil I will use. It is 100% natural. It has lots of health benefits and is good for us. I use it instead of margarine for buttering a potato or meats, for baking healthy cookies and for healthy salad dressings. Interestingly it is solid until about 25 degrees Celsius, so you have to heat it slightly to use it as a salad dressing. But you have to be careful not to buy plain coconut oil because it’s bleached and processed.

Contradictory to conventional wisdom butter is not evil and margarine is not good. In fact, margarine will actually contribute to diabetes control issues, if not fueling the disease itself. and also contain nasty oils that cause heart disease and break down our immune system. Raw organic butter, Besides containing essential enzymes that help digestion, raw butter simply tastes way better.

Minimizing the consumption of these types of fats would be highly favorable to any person. Do not believe false advertising, low fat is not necessarily beneficial.
They’re a bunch of fats that are not only good for us but are essential. Saturated fats, like those found in butter and coconut oil, are not causing cardiovascular disease, but are more of an all-body healer. These fats should not be banned, instead, we should encourage there consumption. Our fight should be directed against industrial and processed fats which are scientifically proven to be harmful to the human body.


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