Staying Fit In College – How To Find Time For It

Staying Fit In College

Those are just plain, dumb excuses that keep you from being your healthy best and fitting in fitness in your daily routine is very important for your general wellbeing – and not that hard to do, with our easy tips on finding your fitness fix! So, why not give it a try – you have nothing to lose, except some extra flab and old doubts!

Take a look below at our report on why you should have a regular fitness agenda to follow for your long-term health goals as a college student and learn how you can fit it in your daily schedule in small but effective doses – it’s worth it!

If you feel you cannot find time in your schedule for fitness, perhaps it’s time you made out a different time-table! We’re not saying you are avoiding fitness and don’t have lots to do; we’re merely suggesting that everybody gets equal hours in the day and it is up to us to decide our priorities and get about seeing we achieve our goals by motivating ourselves.

Yes, it is possible to fit in fitness even in the midst of chores to tackle, studies to do, social life to pursue and perhaps even a job to attend, but all it takes is proper time management skills and sticking to a disciplined exercise routine that is part of the daily/ weekly or monthly calendar you make for yourself so you see and achieve small goals at a time. This is called taking baby-steps towards a bigger goal – and you can make it to that ultimate stage of getting in shape by starting now!

Among the best ways to fit in fitness routines into your timetable is to wake up earlier than your usual time – so you get more out of the day and a mere half an hour is all it takes to get those juices flowing and raising your energy levels to start the day right! Once you have managed to wake up before your scheduled time, you can pick the fitness activity you like doing before you fit in more elaborate exercises; this is only to keep the motivation constant and boredom at bay.

Choose from walking, climbing stairs, stretching and dancing to a little music to more strenuous exercises like lunges, cycling, crunches, push-ups and jogging after you’ve gotten accustomed to the lighter forms of daily exercise.

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Always remember to warm-up and cool-down before and after your exercise work-out respectively and prepare a light, healthy and wholesome breakfast to keep the energy levels up and flowing for the rest of the day’s activities.

This can include whole fiber cereals, fruits, skimmed milk and natural juices. Make it a point to do whatever it takes to stay committed to your goals because it is your health that should be a priority over every other activity as good health is what enables us to tackle other issues in life.

If you feel you cannot continue with exercising alone, ask a friend to join you in a group work-out like swimming, aerobics, biking, kick-boxing, tennis etc. or visit a gym on your off-day from work or college so you have a bit of variety in your work-outs.

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Stay in shape while doing house-hold chores, playing with your children, meeting new people at the park you jog at or even at the gym – now, aren’t these easy ways to fit in fitness into your life?


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